David Rubel - Author, Historian, Speaker
Atlas of the United States

Category: Children's
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 144
Publication Date: July 2000
Current Edition: June 2003


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The Scholastic Atlas of the United States
By David Rubel


Publisher’s Description
The Scholastic Atlas of the United States provides students with a wealth of information for both school and home use. With clear, detail-oriented maps and vivid landscape photos, this is an excellent resource for children. From coast to coast, the Scholastic Atlas of the United States illustrates every major geographical feature—including major cities and state capitals; interstate highways; lakes, rivers, and marshlands; forests and mountain systems; and national parks, reservations, and refuges.


This book gives an introduction to the eight regions of the country and discusses in detail the unique qualities of each state and its people. Designed to make studying geography exciting for kids, the Scholastic Atlas of the United States is the perfect tool to captivate and educate children as they expand their base of knowledge about the United States.



Children's Literature Review
All children should have access to a good map book; this one would fit the bill nicely! The only drawback to this atlas is that it presents the states by region, and then alphabetically by their state name, which has enormous potential to be confusing to the reader who does not have a full command of the geography of the United States. There is no map of the United States as a whole at the beginning of the book within which to locate such regions, but clear regional maps are found at the beginning of each color-coded section and tiny ones on the state map pages themselves. The photographs are stunning, and the text reads fluidly. Following the state descriptions are a number of appendices pertaining to Atlantic and Pacific possessions, population density, river systems, geographic regions and territorial expansion. A glossary and index are also included. Not only is it appropriate for the intended age group, but parents and teachers will also find themselves brushing up on their state geography! Highly recommended.